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At this point, we are now months into testing. My Physiatrist knows that there are certain requirements needed by workers compensation for a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS.

He decides that no other tests are needed. The combination of my test results points toward CRPS Type 2.

CRPS Type 2 follows a distinct nerve injury, in my case the nerve that runs down to my left leg and foot.

Luckily for me, my doctor started treating my CRPS even before any of the testing. He put me on Gabapentin first thing. Gabapentin was a good medication to get me started on even if it wasn’t CRPS, so it was a good call. Taking it also got me off of Vicodin and Tramadol(I cannot remember when Tramadol came into the picture, but I had awful side effects from it) which was prescribed by my first doctor prior to sending me to the Physiatrist. Opioids are NOT the answer to nerve pain, in fact, there are far better choices that opioids for almost any ailment. Opioids, in my opinion, are for extremely short-term cases.

I honestly believe if it wasn’t for my doctor, I would have been much worse off.


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