I will start off by saying that I will keep this section brief, but that does not mean I will not talk more about if requested.

There is no one specific test that shows if you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS or not, it is a combination of tests. My case, which is a workers compensation case, has certain requirements that must be met to have a diagnosis of CRPS so these tests may be different from yours.

I will also say that I will not be putting the tests in chronological order.

X-rays- I seriously lost track of how many x-rays I had but will say I had a bunch.
Triple-phase bone scan- This one shows the change in bone density, as the name implies. I had s radioactive injected and tracked with a special camera. One of the symptoms of CRPS is that your bone density declines.
Thermography- I hated this one because I had to stand in my boxers in a cold room for a length of time. They use a heat sensitive camera to see how my body reacts to the cold.
QSART(quantitative sudomotor reflex testing)– Simply put, a sweat test. I got hooked up to a bunch of wires and they test to see if my affected leg sweats abnormally.
MRI- This was to check for abnormal blood flow.

It was strange going in for all these tests which were completed over a few months. I felt like a guinea pig. I knew we were doing the right thing by having all these tests, but I also just wanted it all to stop. I persevered and made it through all of them. Getting to the reason why I was having so much pain was quite a relief. Understanding that this was real, the pains were not just in my head. I was not crazy, I had something wrong with me that had to be fixed.

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