Another Wednesday feeling like crap. I did not sleep well last night, it took a long time to fall asleep. Once I fell asleep, I felt I stayed asleep fairly well, but still struggling with lethargy today.

A few cups of coffee are helping, but this is a tough day. When I don’t get quality sleep, it definitely affects me throughout the day, not just with the lethargy, but with pain, memory, and concentration.

My pain is elevated today, but actually not as bad as it usually is when I get such crummy sleep. I would say I am at a 5 today, which is pretty darn good, all things considered. My memory and concentration is not very good today, but I am just staying in today doing some research online. I can’t keep focused and keep forgetting what I was going to do next, it’s very frustrating. I am having trouble writing this, I keep stopping and starting.

Just, for example, I just had a thought of what I would write next and I can’t remember what it was. UGH!!

The pain today feels like pin needles being stabbed in my leg and foot. Also, the muscle spasms are bad too.

I am having electrical sharp pains in my hands also! I get paranoid that it’s spreading, but I hope it’s just all the typing which might be irritating to my hands. Let’s at least hope so and stay positive. These are the times I like to use a technique that I was taught by a great therapist in Colorado. I call it ‘going to my happy place’ technique. She, of course, called it something else, but I, OF COURSE, cannot remember, lol. gotta laugh sometimes.

Anyway, the technique involves controlling my breathing and usinSleepless nights caused by CRPS is frustratingg a 1 to 5 count over and over. I then picture a relaxing place that I like to go or would like to go. I picture a warm beach and running my toes through the sand. I picture every detail while doing the breathing. It works sometimes, sometimes not. But, I have to try.

The breathing and actually counting 1 to 5 is great to get to sleep too. If you need help with this let me know.

I am listening to music with headphones on today too, it relaxes me also. This really isn’t a technique, but doing something that relaxes your mind can only help your situation. I do understand we are all different and have different things that help. Please share.

Keeping busy is good, I try to exercise my mind as well as my leg and foot. Every little bit helps. I was taught by the same great therapist that crying is OK, let it out, let it flow. She always said as long as it is not affecting your life out in the real world(my words, not hers) it is OK. So, I cry when my body says it’s time to cry. I have let loose out in public a few times, but over 2 years it was only a handful of times. Walmart is always a great place to cry because no one even looks twice….that’s Walmart for ya, LOL!!

Wednesday is ‘hump’ day for most people, my Wednesday, just like every other day is ‘get over a massive mountain’ day. Every day is a struggle, staying busy, and keeping a positive attitude through it all is all we can do.


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  1. Hehe, my therapist just calls this a visualization technique 🙂 (it works pretty well! until I start bawling because I can’t physically do any of the things I picture in my visualization, how to combat that??)

    1. I completely understand. The crying drives me BONKERS. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have always been sensitive, I cried at E.T. But, sometimes sad things or even the happy, I just BWAH like a baby.

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