I had my yearly physical just the other day with my primary care provider and besides the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS, I seem to be doing well.Yearly doctor visit- CRPS

She checked me over thoroughly and we talked about what was going on with me. We talked about how I felt physically as well as how I was feeling mentally, as well as physically.

She is very thorough and one of the obvious subjects is the CRPS. She is my primary care, not my Physiatrist, so she does not treat the disease, but she is concerned and curious. She knows that my whole body and mind being healthy is key to my success in beating CRPS.
It’s difficult discussing my health with her because there are so many side effects from the CRPS and the medications that I do not know what specific items to discuss. So, I just tell her everything about how I am doing and let her decide what she will take care of. She is really a great doctor and listens and offers feedback accordingly. She says I am doing well, but I need to exercise more and keep my eye on a few things.

You must be 100% open and honest with all your doctors and if they are not listening and being helpful, find another doctor. This applies to all your doctors. You have to take charge, keep on top oChief Executive Officer of your CRPSf things and be the Chief Executive Officer of your CRPS. In order to have any chance of beating CRPS, we must be healthy inside and out. We need a great team on our side, the doctor being vital to our success. Get the right doctors! to treat your CRPS.

This is no time to be shy, stand up for yourself, be vocal, be heard. If you need help with that, talk to someone that can help you, a family member or friend. Perhaps they can join you on doctor visits. Ultimately it is you that is going to help you. Be strong!

Peace, you are never alone!








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