Slowing Down…

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be slowing down on my writing. It is just too much for me, I must pace myself. I still believe writing is helping me, and I love helping others. But, as you know this disease is draining, and just typing for more than a few minutes at a time is more than I can handle. The pain and mental exhaustion is mind boggling. I never thought I would ever be saying that ‘typing a blog’ was too much work. I cannot believe how exhausting it is to just be me and just get through the day, never mind doing this, another thing I love to do….this is just crazy.

I am not defeated, just slowed down a little more.

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  • Please try to continue as much as you are able, as I know that you will. So look forward to reading your coping skills for this disease.
    I have found that keeping a notebook on hand at all times by the side of my bed works for me.
    I write my thoughts at night before falling asleep, in that way I find it easier to sleep knowing that I do not have to remember anything all of my thoughts are on paper.
    As most of us do, we have racing minds. Things go over and over in our heads. Writing it down, we can then let go, always planning to read the next day, because of course all,of these thoughts that we are unable to let go, are; so important to us.
    i find this to be such a release, that I do not even reread the next day. It has freed me up to enjoy my day.

  • Have a look at dragon naturally speaking. Crps in my hands meant typing is near impossible at times. I couldn’t do uni assignments without the software and is that good I bought a 2nd licencentury for my desk top. ABout £80

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